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by LT Silvestro –

“You’re a goddamn quarterback! You know what that means? It’s the top spot, kid. It’s the guy who takes the fall. It’s the guy everybody’s looking at first – the leader of a team – who will support you when they understand you. Who will break their ribs and their noses and their necks for you, because they believe. ‘Cause you make them believe. That’s a quarterback.” – Al Pacino as Tony D’Amato in Any Given Sunday.

Quarterback, it’s the position we all want to play, and think we can play because we throw 45 touchdowns and 5 interceptions during seasons of Madden. The thing is, it’s a little more different in real life, or even the movies. Here is my top five quarterback’s in football related films.

5. Junior Floyd/The Icebox – The Little Giants. Junior Floyd is the Tom Brady of this movie. He has the arm, the looks, and he has his choices with the ladies. Why doesn’t he pick the hot cousin instead of the Icebox? His only mistake of the game.

The Icebox is more like Ben Roethlisberger. She throws down her pom-poms after Junior gets laid-out by meathead Spike. She can heave the ball up to “Hot Hands” and scramble, breaking tackles but in the fourth quarter who comes back? That’s right. Junior Floyd, to win the game.

4. Mike Winchell/Matt Saracen – Friday Night Lights. Now, Mike Winchell was this weird dude that had a crazy mom. He wanted to leave Odessa, Texas and play college ball, go on to the pros like any kid growing up playing QB. He seems to be on that track, until Boobie Miles gets his damn knee destroyed! Still, Winchell carries his team to the state championship but pulled a Kevin Dyson, coming up short by a single yard on the final play. He did everything he could to win, and he made his team believe.

Matt Saracen is from the TV version of Friday Night Lights which takes place in Dillon, Texas. Similar to Winchell, Saracen has a crazy grandmother whom he can never leave alone. On the field, Saracen takes over after the senior QB, Jason Street, gets paralyzed trying to tackle a defender. Saracen, a 160 pound sophomore, wills his team to victory with the help of his HEALTHY running back, Brian “Smash” Williams. In the state championship, Saracen pulls a Boise State and calls the game-winning play, a 60-yard hook-and-ladder! Believe in Matt Saracen! (Really good show too, check it out.

3. Paul Blake – Necessary Roughness. This is a classic movie. Scott Bakula plays Paul Blake, an old undefeated high school quarterback that left the game to run the family farm. The team is garbage, made up from the actual student body, with no scholarship players. While Blake ices his 34 year-old shoulder; the rest of the team is playing both ways (ironman ball)! After eight straight losses and a tie, Blake and his team of wannabes make a comeback for the ages against #1 Texas down 21-0 at halftime. “I never lost once in high school. Not once. I just wish I could give those guys that feeling.” – Paul Blake. Now that’s a QB I want leading my team.

2. Willie ‘Steamin’ Beamen/Jack ‘Cap’ Rooney – Any Given Sunday. My name is Willie! If you haven’t seen this movie then do so now. Willie Beamen is a third-stringer behind a future hall of fame quarterback (Rooney). He fills in for the injured QB and gets his ego inflated to the size of the Hindenburg. If not for Al Pacino, Beamen would have been killed by his teammate Luther ‘Shark’ Lavay (played by Lawrence Taylor). His music video is sweet though, and it’s for a protein shake.

1. Shane Falco – The Replacements. “Footsteps” Falco is my number one QB in any situation. No man could have led a team full of replacement players and win three out of four games. Falco defied logic, going from boat cleaner to professional quarterback in a blink of an eye. Down 17-0, Falco throws three touchdowns to defeat the world champions after they crossed the picket lines of a players strike. Of course, how could you lose with Gene Hackman giving you the pep talks.


Jonathon ‘Mox’ Moxon – Varsity Blues

Paul Crewe – Longest Yard (2005)

Joe Kane – The Program

Jerry ‘Rev’ Harris/Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass – Remember the Titans

LT Silvestro is called an “NFL Almanac”, by his co-workers, for his freak memory of stats and records of the past ten years. He is a proud New York Jets fan, and unfortunate Mets fan. His dream is to be writing for the NY Daily News as the New York Jets beat writer.

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