Tom Brady is a Girl: Take that Boston

Posted on February 8, 2011


Deal is, in both normal and featured posts the image must cover the whole area allotted to it, and that area has a fixed width and height; so lower and/or narrower images are stretched, higher and/or wider ones are cropped. To display a complete, uncropped and undistorted featured image, you need to create it in specific dimensions:

There’s one more option: Appearance > Theme Options > “Single Post Featured Image”. Ticking this will make the featured image show up as a “Full Sized” image at the top of the post when you view the complete post alone. In that case, the image you upload needs to be 594×250 pixels.
Usefulness: displaying a full-size image at the beginning of the complete post as well as a thumbnail on the blog front without having to upload two images or two versions of the same image.
Drawbacks: a) the thumbnail will display a small part of the image – but that’s ok if you think of the thumbnail as a teaser; b) the image will vanish if at some point you decide to switch to practically any another theme.

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