The Heat-O-Meter

Posted on February 7, 2011


By John H –

The Heat are riding a 6 game winning streak and everything seems to be going right.  It is not often that one player drops 51 points while another gets a triple double in the same week let alone back to back nights.  Lebron scored 51 in Orlando on Thursday, which is the highest total for any player this season.  Then the very next day Wade notches his 4th triple double of his career.  You would never guess that his last triple double was in Seattle over 5 years ago.   Despite all of this, the bigger issue is who is providing that spark off the bench.  Each and every week it is somebody different.  This week it was Eddie House.

The House of Fire is what American Airlines Arena should be called.  House has been shooting at a scorching pace this last week.   In the last 4 games, House has shot 55% from the field and 48% from beyond the arc making 11 3’s in the process.   Add to this that he has only appeared in 36 games this year at 17 minutes per game.   But if there is one thing for sure it is that House never sees a shot he doesn’t like.

House is always his team’s fan favorite and hated by everyone else.  The fans love a guy who gives it 110% and House does that every time he hits the floor because he knows his time is limited.  To everyone else he is a pest and a punk because he plays fast, loose, and with an attitude, but as long as he keeps shooting the rock at this rate he will be a pest to every opponent the Heat face.  The issue with Eddie is you have to take the good with the bad.  He will take ill-advised shots and is as streaky as they come, but he has provided a spark off of the Heat bench that Spoelstra has clearly noticed.  Once he cools off and he inevitably will someone else will take his place.  James Jones you’re on deck.

My name is Ira Marcus and for those who know me know I am a die hard sports fan and a Heat fan since birth.  I have seen everything from Allan Houston’s game winning shot to send the Heat home to Wade sending everyone else home for the ‘06 Championship.  I hope you all enjoy my weekly columns and I will continue to provide a view on the Heat that only a few can.

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